The Easy Path

One night during a walk, the Master visited the Student during a project. “Master,” the Student said, “why do we have to write a failing test that exposes a bug before fixing the bug itself? Isn’t it easier to just fix the bug; our Client has complained about it, I’ve tried reproducing it myself, other colleagues can reproduce it too. It’s plain as day that the bug exists.”

The Master then asked the Student for a favor. “I have lost my spectacles and have been trying to search for them for hours. Will you help me find them?” The Student, sensing the chance to be useful, immediately agreed.

The Master led the student to a brightly lit room and said “please search here.” The Student then went on all fours and methodically went through every nook and cranny. This went on for hours, until the Student gave up and said “I’m sorry Master, I do not think your spectacles are here.”

Sighing, the Master whispered “that might as well be, since the last time I saw my spectacles was inside that dark room over there where the sun’s light never reaches.”

Exasperated, the Student exclaimed “Master, I do not understand. Why did you ask me to search here when you very well know you lost your spectacles over there?”

In an apologetic tone, the Master explained “because I thought it would be easier for you if you can search when there is light.”

The Student was visibly irritated. “Master! That is stupid. I could very well just bring a lamp into the dark room.”

With this, the Student was enlightened.


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