Setup Braintree with Rails

Braintree has just recently released v3 of their Javascript SDK offering a lot of improvements. Searching online for tutorials on how to integrate Braintree with Rails tend to show older articles, so I decided to write an updated one :)

For the impatient:

Assuming you have just created a new rails project, the first thing we want to do is to be able to show hosted fields in a page. We’ll create a HomeController with a single action index and set it as the root route to make things simple.

rails g controller Home index
# routes.rb
Rails.application.routes.draw do
  root to: "home#index"

We’ll then create a simple form that adds placeholders for the credit card number, cvv, and expiration date, as well as a button to submit the form.

<!-- views/home/index.html.erb -->
<% if  flash[:notice] %>
  <div class="notice"><%= flash[:notice] %></div>
<% end %>

<div class="credit-card-form">
  <%= form_for :checkout_form, {}, html: { id: "checkout-form" } do |form| %>
    <div id="error-message"></div>

    <%= form.label :card_number, "Credit Card Number" %>
    <div class="hosted-field" id="card-number">

    <%= form.label :cvv, "CVV" %>
    <div class="hosted-field" id="cvv">

    <%= form.label :expiration_date, "Expiration Date" %>
    <div class="hosted-field" id="expiration-date">

    <%= form.hidden_field "payment_method_nonce" %>
    <%= form.submit "Give me $10.00", disabled: true, class: "btn btn-primary" %>
    <div class="clearfix"></div>
  <% end %>
// app/assets/stylesheets/home.scss {
  margin-top: 1em;
  width: 300px;
  position: relative;
  left: 50%;
  margin-left: -150px;

  form {
    border: 1px solid #ddd;
    padding: 2em 1em 1.5em;
    font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
    background-color: whitesmoke;

    div.hosted-field {
      position: relative;
      border: 1px solid #ddd;
      height: 34pt;
      padding: 1em;
      background-color: white;
      margin-bottom: 2em;

    input[type=submit] {
      margin-top: .5em;
      float: right;


.clearfix {
  clear: both;
  overflow: auto;

Here comes the fun part.

In order to create the Braintree client, you’d need to have a server-generated token. Right now we don’t have one (as we still haven’t touched the server side) so thankfully Braintree provided an example authorization token to use. This authorization token will only work to generate the hosted fields and cannot be used to create a transaction.

Later when we’re setting up the server side of the app, we’ll configure this so the authorization is not hardcoded but instead generated by the server’s credentials.

// app/assets/javascripts/home.js
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
  var authorization = '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';

      authorization: authorization
    }, braintreeClientCreateHandler);
// app/assets/javascripts/braintree.js
let braintreeClientCreateHandler = function (clientErr, clientInstance) {
  if (clientErr) {

    client: clientInstance,
    styles: hostedFieldsStyle,
    fields: {
      number: {
        selector: '#card-number',
        placeholder: '4111 1111 1111 1111'
      cvv: {
        selector: '#cvv',
        placeholder: '123'
      expirationDate: {
        selector: '#expiration-date',
        placeholder: '10 / 2019'
  }, hostedFieldsHandler);

  let submit = document.querySelector('input[type="submit"]');


let hostedFieldsStyle = {
  'body,form,input': {
    'font-size': '14pt',
  'input.invalid': {
    'color': 'red'
  'input.valid': {
    'color': 'green'

let hostedFieldsHandler = function (hostedFieldsErr, hostedFieldsInstance) {
  if (hostedFieldsErr) {
    // Handle error in Hosted Fields creation

  let form = document.querySelector('#checkout-form');
  form.addEventListener('submit', function (event) {

    hostedFieldsInstance.tokenize(function (tokenizeErr, payload) {
      if (tokenizeErr) {
        // Handle error in Hosted Fields tokenization

      // Put `payload.nonce` into the `payment-method-nonce` input, and then
      // submit the form. Alternatively, you could send the nonce to your server
      // with AJAX.
      document.querySelector('input[name="checkout_form[payment_method_nonce]"]').value = payload.nonce;
  }, false);

Install braintree gem rails g controller braintree client_token checkout

class BraintreeController < ApplicationController
  def client_token
    client_token = Braintree::ClientToken.generate
    render json: {client_token: client_token}

Use ajax to retrieve the client_token

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
  var authorization;
    dataType: "json",
    url: "/braintree/client_token",
    success: function(data) {
      authorization = data.client_token;
        authorization: authorization
      }, braintreeClientCreateHandler);

parse the nonce from the client and create a transaction in braintree

  def checkout
    nonce_from_the_client = params[:checkout_form][:payment_method_nonce]
    result =
      :amount => "10.00",
      :payment_method_nonce => nonce_from_the_client,
      :options => {
        :submit_for_settlement => true
    transaction = result.transaction
    logger.ap transaction

    redirect_to :root, flash: {notice: transaction && transaction.status}


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