Setup and Configuration of my Machines

Work In Progress

I’m still in the middle of writing this article, and I probably will be always updating this.

I’ve just recently (re)installed Linux on my Acer V5 122p. Had to fiddle around with UEFI settings thinking to preserve my Windows 8.1 partition, but eventually I had to bite the bullet. I wiped the whole partition clean and turned off UEFI so my installation would be a lot simpler.

I ended up installing PeppermintOS which is a very lightweight distribution. After installing a few updates, the system was snappy and fast. I started to install the usual apps and configuration I normally use, when I realized I don’t have a document to use as a reference. I’ve been mostly doing stuff through memory and through Googling as soon as I encounter the problem or need.

Here’s the blogpost to rectify that, as well as give you a glimpse as to how I like my machine setup and configured :)

Setup natural scrolling

Ever since I got my Macbook Air 2010 upgraded to Lion, I’ve been a fan of what Apple called “natural scrolling.”

Setup Sublime Text

I know I should start learning Emacs, but Sublime Text (and before that, Textmate) had always been my editor of choice. That might change in the near future though :)

Ubuntu PPA

Sublime Text settings

Key management

Yes, I keep my private key in Dropbox. I know many people would say that this is a security risk (and it is) but the keys that I do keep in Dropbox are only those with access to non-critical remote systems that I own. I run some rtorrent download boxes as well as some application servers that I use for quickly testing out application ideas.


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